As an android developer, getting your app listed on the Google Play Store can be the biggest achievements of your life. Getting your app listed on the renowned platform is not an easy task and it takes years of experience to reach that platform. However, there are certain tips that will help you in achieving success easily.

Some of them are discussed as follows.

  • Test the app –it is necessary that you test the app before submitting it to the play store. It is due to the fact that there are a wide range of devices used by the individuals and the users might not able to get a consistent experience.
  • OS Version – when you design an app, you should first consider making it compatible with the lower OS versions. You can then start adding extra features that can prove to be compatible with the higher versions. After designing the app, you can limit its reach to certain android devices with which the app is compatible.
  • Screen size – screen size can also make a difference when it comes to app designing for play store. You can start testing it on the lower resolution devices and then add features to it to make it compatible with the high resolution devices.
  • Presentation of your app – if you think your app is ready; you need to work on its presentation. You should make it look attractive by designing a unique icon for it, collecting some screenshots and making educational videos of the app. This will help you in grabbing the attention of the customers.
  • Market your app – if you wish to make your app successful, you need to pay attention on its marketing. Before publishing it on the play store, you need to make it known and popular among the individuals. You can issue press releases and get in touch with review sites to review the app designed by you.
  • Customer support – one important aspect of making your app successful is that you should always be there to resolve the queries of the customers. You can set up an interactive system which can link you to the queries of the users so that you can provide them the required support. You can also create an FAQ page describing the answers of some common problems that can be faced by the users. This will help them to a great deal in getting instant solution to their problem.
  • Track performance – keeping a track of the performance of your app will help you in adding to the marketing strategy so as to reach more customers. In addition to this, you can also get to know about the flaws if any so that you can resolve them and add to the experience of the users.

Summary: getting the apps published on Play Store is not an easy task. The apps needs to be unique and device friendly.


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