It will be good for you to know about the latest trends related to iOS app developments. Below is the brief about them:-

Security standard of the app

About seventy five percent of the apps will fail in the year 2015 because of the basic test for the security. So, the app developers are needed to keep a close eye on making apps that are completely capable in resisting against threats. Mobile computing has become a vital part of life especially for the enterprises. This is why they expect better scurry measure for protecting their crucial date related to business. Developers have to take some serious steps for enhancing the level of security for the iOS apps.

Wearable device and other smart objects

Apple has brought Apple watch. Though, it is not a separate device as some of the apps are powered by the iPhone entirely. It clearly states that developers have chance to extend or update their apps for the wearable device made by Apple. The Apple TV will also feature complete App store as well. It means that app developers can move their focus to wearable device rather than focusing on tablets and smartphones.


Beacon and location based services of Wi-Fi

Beacon is the location services in iphones. Apps that are using technology of iBeacon are on rise in the year 2015. Developers can now design more defining and user friendly apps for iOS using iBeacon technology. The iBeacon is used by several museums, airports, sports arenas, and retail establishments for sharing information and interacting with the people using iPhone.

Effective marketing for the app

With the help of Beacon and other location based Wi-Fi services effective marketing of the app can also be done by finding the location of the targeted user and offering the app with more tempting offers.

So while searching for the iPhone Application Development you should find a developer who can design the app exactly as per need.

Apple App store is geared up with several new and updated apps for your mobile. When you have so many options to choose in front then it can be a bit difficult to choose the better ones. Below are some of the exhilarating apps for iPhones in the year 2015:-

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft has released translator app especially for iPhone. You can type or speak words and phrases and the app will turn them in to the language you desire. This app can speak translations for your convenience.

Price- Free


This app can be quite helpful for the people who want to overcome their anxiety or depression. This app allows you to track your mood by using cognitive behavioral therapy. It is also enriched with the details of the exercises you can do for reducing your anxiety or stress.

Price- Free

Angry Bird 2

Most of the people are well aware of this exciting and fun game. You can sense the rich quality visual makeover along with several new levels. The biggest difference you witness in the game is capability of selecting the order for launching the birds.

Price- Free

Other free apps are GIF for messenger, Threes! Free, Santander Cycles etc.

There are several paid apps as well.


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