With every coming year SEO is getting more refined. Search Engine Optimization has become a well-known and highly trusted marketing’s strategic field. Research has proven that SEO was the most convincing sources of dragging the attention of the new customers in the year 2014 for eighty five percent of the retailers.

Organic search, a weapon fit for the purpose

Different brands were able to put their services and products in front of the targeted customers with the help of organic search. Some of the techniques used for organic SEO are writing relevant content for readers, link-building, back-linking, keyword analysis etc.

Below is the list of areas in which marketers are needed to pay attention:-

Map strategy

There is as new way of audience segmenting by merging more conventional marketing concepts to SEO. The merger of quantitative data around hot search topics, and pair them with market approach about what is your targeted audience and what information can be helpful for them in taking the buying decision. Along with that you also need to look at the competition in the market related to demand driving topics.

You need to find the data points that can help you in:-

  • Searching for new keywords to aim

  • Recognizing new methods of dealing with contiguous markets

  • Understanding about content platform types

  • Seeing for better opportunities and where you can do better

When traditional, analytical, and technical marketing all are rolled into one then they are known as Progressive SEO.


Proper alignment of content and SEO

Web content and blog post are the two forms are used by B2Cs and B2Cs for content marketing. Most of the people think that using strategic content and using top class SEO practices is the best possible solution for enhancing their online visibility. For establishing a better plan of action for creating content and its optimization technical and creative team should work together. You can also go for the option of cross-training as well in which SEO people will learn creative and creative people will learn SEO.

Consider Mobile SEO as well

Crafting a good site for mobiles can also be a vital part of mobile SEO in the year 2015. Make sure that there are no errors related to configuration because according to a research configuration errors have resulted in the loss of 68% of the traffic in the in traffic generate through smart phones. If your site is slow then it will be tough to get visible in Google search results.

Look for effective measurement and reporting

Most of the marketer and brands find it hard to measure the results and quantifying the efforts. A marketer should have analytical skills. According to a research forty nine percent of the marketers don’t use data for thinking about where to invest in the market. It is advisable to use data and not the intuition.

There are several affordable SEO & SEM Companies that can help you for the purpose but they should be well versed with the latest SEO and SEM techniques for providing you the best possible result.


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