If you choose manual submission for your web pages then it can be beneficial for you in some manner. It will aware the search engine that you have some new information to share. When you manually submit pages of your site to different popular search engines then you enhance the chances of your reach.

How you can submit your site to Google?

It is a quite easy and swift process. You just need to visit the web page of Google for URL submission, then type your URL, and then type the message for satisfying Google that you are not a robot. After that you need to click on the Add URL option.

What is better? Manual submission or using tools, add-ons, plug-ins

It can be a million dollar question for you. Today technology has registered its presence everywhere. In case of URL submission, technology also plays a vital role. With the help of purchasing add-ons plug-in etc. you have no need to manually submit the URLs. But there is a drawback related to it. There will always be chances of spam if you go for the automated submissions. If you are looking for the better option of the two then you should go for the manual submission as it is the way free from spams.

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Know more about plug-ins risks

Plug-ins can be considered as software code pieces that are used for enabling the programs and apps to do the things they can’t do at their own. If plug-in is poorly developed then they can create security issues and decrease in speeds.

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