Websites that don’t have good compatibility to smart phones are losing their way. Due to the swift adoption and expected future growth of smart phone usage it has become quite essential to have websites that can give nice and smooth experience on mobiles as well.

Webmasters are encouraged by Google for focusing on mobile compatibility by enhancing the visibility of the apps and sites that are performing it up to the mark. Below are the 3 recommendations that can be helpful in the assessment and optimization of presence for your mobile web search:-

It will be good for you to do SEO audit thoroughly for your mobile ready website. It will help Google in identifying and serving content of your mobile. Initially you need to do the validation process of your website with mobile friendly test tool of Google and make sure that resources of site like JS, CSS, and images are crawlable as well.

There can be some crawling problems related to your site like:-

  • Not indexing or crawling the significant areas of your website.
  • Pages not being found

You need to avoid referring or linking to the non-existing pages. You should also keep an eye on blocking and unblocking along with identifying the reason responsible for the issues relate to crawling.

For checking how smartphone crawler of Google sees your most significant pages you can use the ‘Mobile Smartphone’ option in webmaster tools. You need to ask from you:-

  • Everything is going right or it is redirected to the page that is non-relevant.
  • Content is easily accessible or not.
  • All the needed elements related to SEO like Meta description of every single page, title etc being notice being discovered or not.
  • Set up of site pages is correct or not based on the selected configuration for the mobile site.

For checking the speed of your site you can use page speed insights powered by Google. Speed of your site is an important factor of ranking whether it is a mobile site or desktop.

Analyze the visibility of your mobile web search and behavior of traffic

With the help of search query report you can discover the top searches and top queries in Google Webmaster tools. While viewing the report you need to find out:-

  • Is there any difference in the top pages and queries in mobile search and desktop search?
  • Are the mobile users are searching for the similar information the desktop users are searching?
  • What types of queries have low CTR (click through rate) in spite of good ranking? And what types of queries have high CTR in spite of being at good ranking.

Establishing competitiveness for mobile web search and assess your level of performance

Several tools are available online that you can use for discovering the keywords your competitors related to mobile search are ranking. You can also use this information for discovering more effective keywords to aim at.

While choosing a good Mobile App Development Company you need to make sure that it is geared up with all the needed credentials.


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