Are you planning to design your website? Have you planned al the steps which you need to follow during website design? There is no need to worry at all. Let’s discuss, what are the important steps you need to follow during this process-

  1. Briefing of project: The first and foremost step in website designing is the briefing of the required project. This can be done only after you know what your client requires. This can be done with the help of meetings, questionnaire or communicating well with him. This will not only help you to know what his needs are, but will also help you in building a good business relationship. The design may include a number of things as like profile, market position, targets, objectives, communication task, and deadline. It is always better to take half deposit for your project.
  2. Research work: After you have gathered all the required information you need to pull up your socks for carrying out research work. This step requires paying attention on various things such as competitors, market trends, product and services, future as well as the history of business as well. This step is not at all your cup of tea.
  3. Planning strategies: Making strategies is not as easy as it seems to be. It totally depends on the scale of your project. Here basically all the detailing is planned about designs for the website. Before finalizing the design yourself, it is always better to put them in front of your clients and ask their approval on them. You should always be ready for negative comments as this is a part of business. Improve all the things lacking in it and step forward.
  4. Development: Once all the strategies are made and finalized by your client, you need to develop primary design concepts based on your final strategies. You can develop your concepts by doing a number of means such as story boarding which helps you to visualize things better, mind mapping which helps you to create diagrams to convey the meaning of ideas, words and tasks connected to your main idea, free writing which helps you to put down your ideas on paper. All these will help you to generate a number of concepts, which can be put in front of your client for his approval.
  5. Presentation: Now the concepts of design are presented in front of clients. After seeing the presentation he might ask you to make changes in your concept. After making changes you can finalize your design and put the final touch to it. Both web and print functions can be handed over to third party for further work.
  6. Completion: Once all the work is done and presented over to the client you can say your job is done finally.

Summary: Web design is not an easy task; it needs time and dedication to satisfy your client with your good work.



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